Monday, 10 April 2017

Norngarden 1 + 4 & Xmas Wolfling Run Part 1 results

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Results of Part 1:

Current norns:
Zeb - Male Zebra Norn - Adult, 1 hour - ylukyun
Farene - Female Treehugger Norn - Youth, 58 minutes - jcnorn
Tabby - Female Bengal Norn - Adult, 56 minutes - FaerieHawk
Ambreen - Female Bondi Norn - Youth, 55 minutes - Arnout
Emilio - Male Siamese Norn - Adult, 58 minutes - Uzag
Darmani - Male Magma Norn - Adult, 57 minutes - Grendel Man
Unnamed - Offspring of Ambreen and Darmani - Unhatched

And so it begins! The first three norn slot eggs were placed in Norngarden 1 whilst the remaining three were placed in Norngarden 4, as intended. The first norn to hatch is Zeb and he immediately goes to the bamboo stalks in order to feed upon the seeds that drop from them.

Hatching after that in Norngarden 4 is Emilio! He walks a bit to the left and lingers around in that area, before eating some of the berries from a local plant. Following him comes Farene, who is born in Norngarden 1. She ventures over to the pond for a brief spell, before making her way right to the bamboo seeds, meeting Zeb along the way.

After that hatches Darmani! He is born in Norngarden 4 and I manage to take a perfect photo of him fully facing the camera for a brief second. He hangs out with Emilio for a while and then Tabby hatches in Norngarden 1! I suddenly notice my medical monitor indicate that Zeb is in mild pain from a brief slap fight which occurred when I wasn't paying attention.

Finally, Ambreen hatches in Norngarden 4! She lingers away from the other norns for quite a while in this part, hanging around at the right side of the Norngarden 4. As the part goes on, we notice that Farene suddenly starts to sneeze. The x-ray indicates that she has a very small concentration of Histamine A, but the medical monitor does not detect it. The sneezing goes on for a while, but eventually ceases. Meanwhile Darmani and Emilio are infront of one other, constantly turning around as if spinning on a single foot like a ballerina.

A few minutes later, Farene moves into the Norngarden Hub, and lingers there staring at the local weeds. She then moves a little bit to the right and rests there. Darmani leaves Norngarden 4 and meets her along the way, however she does not react to his presence neither his push, so he simply walks past her into Norngarden 1. It then appears that Ambreen and Emilio have entered Norngarden 1 without me noticing, leaving Norngarden 4 completely empty.

The world transitions into Summer. Emilio is seen slapping norns often throughout the run for brief periods of time and all the norns except for Farene gather into a group just outside the Norngarden Xmas door.

A few minutes later, the group spreads out some more and Ambreen makes her way to Norngarden 4, all alone, where she lingers around the left side of the metaroom. Later on, Ambreen moves out into the hub, where she pushes a Yoshi toy and stands next to Farene for a few moments, before walking back into Norngarden 4. Emilio moves over to Norngarden 4 for a brief moment and both him and Ambreen walk together to Norngarden 1.

A while later, Ambreen and Darmani move back to Norngarden 4 for a while, and they kisspop! Ambreen lays her egg in the very centre of the Norngarden hub, to which Farene reacts by simply staying where she is, making death sounds and triggering the NearDeath music whenever she is onscreen.

And then we reach the 1 hour mark, ending part 1!

I will be taking name suggestions in the CreaturesCaves forum thread for the child of Darmani and Ambreen, and don't forget that you can vote in this thread for which metaroom gets a helping hand in the next part!

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