Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Exodus

Heya everyone. I've recently decided, with the advice of many members of the community, to make this place my current base of operations (as it should've been). This means you won't see that much activity from me on CreaturesCaves anymore.

I believe that the centralization puts far too much power into the hands of the people at the very top of the moderation ladder, who have the ability to readily abuse it without consequence and lay off anyone in the team who voices disapproval either in public or private, as any drama that is caused as a result of it is quickly hidden under the rug and forgotten about. People are afraid to even bring up the tensions and issues for fear of being unfairly banned themselves. Now the same could be said with pretty much any forum with administrators, but the problem is when the main life support for the community is this place. Now do you see my problem? If someone decides to harass you there, going off their grid is very difficult due to the loneliness outside of it.

Now initially my plan was to migrate to the Discover Albia forums and try my hardest to wrench it out of inactivity, but by the time I got back there to log in again it was far too late, the blog had been archived and the forums closed. The only other creatures forums besides the newsgroup that I could find were in French and German. That's when it occurred to me that the only readily available way to fix the community is to re-establish that network of fansites, blogs, forums and chatrooms that gave users a choice in which to use. If one administration abuses and harasses people, you can simply leave them and go to a better place. The Creatures Community for far too long has been on life support and we need to get it into a properly working condition again.

One of the main issues is that when people leave due to these issues, it is often unspoken by those who are leaving. We have lost a lot of remarkable talent over the years by creators who have been dissuaded thanks to this problem that nobody mentions. And even when somebody does mention it, it doesn't take long for people to forget and for any discussion about it to be suppressed. Thanks to this, many users are hopelessly oblivious to the ongoing struggle and as to why the community is losing members. That is, of course, why I'm choosing to post this on my blog.

I know for a fact that this is not just a matter of my perception from how events have been unfolding and that I am not the only person who has seen this. Below are a few quotes from some other community members:

Hotmatrixx: "I had felt some hostility from the CC community off and on, and I found it tended to be snappy and ‘out of the blue’ when stuff I would say would get taken out of context."

Jessica: "My only other concern was how individual content was slowly being centralized on the site. I understand its philosophy of being the hub of Creatures activity, yet it seemed like everyone was being encouraged to post everything to Creatures Caves, and not their own sites or blogs."

Shinjibukki: "It’s always troublesome when people disappear for unknown reasons and you can tell there’s tension going on behind the scenes, but it’s not to be discussed and it’s swept under the rug."

Molly: "The atmosphere over there is changing a bit and it’s starting to get really tense for something thats meant to be fun and collaborative."

Finally, I would like to conclude with another quote from Jessica: "There is also this odd assumption that those who speak out about the Creatures Caves staff somehow insinuate that they’re “evil” or not doing good things. This is a case of accountability, and what it is to be a moderator. Deleting and editing comments based on personal motivations is a problem"

I do wish best of luck to everyone and especially anyone following this blog. If you want to do your part in the revival of the community, you should look into starting your own blog, forum, website, IRC or Discord server and sharing it for everyone to see. Be sure to link to other people's blogs, forums, websites, IRC and Discord servers too in order to make it easier for users to discover.

Until next time,