Welcome to the Development page!

Be sure to report any bugs in the comments page on either Creatures Caves or on this page. That, or you could message me on Creatures Caves. Don't bother reporting bugs for the old agents and breeds though.

Creatures 3/Docking Station

Mushroom Caverns (Early test release!)

Faster agent injector (Must have!)

Old Agents (Some may be buggy)
The Four Runes
Chance Mushrooms
Creatures Adventures Cake Collection (May cause errors)
Creatures 2 Denebriant
Creatures 2 Vitamin Potion 

Old Breeds (Some may be buggy)
C3 Grendel Eggs
C3 Ettin Eggs
Autumn Treehuggers 
Non-CFE Autumn Treehuggers (Broken zip)

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