Thursday, 29 March 2018

BLOG RENAMED! Edit your blogrolls!

Doringo's Dominion has been renamed to Albian Engineering. However, Blogspot doesn't appear to catch on to this when it is added to blogrolls, so you will have to rename it yourself!

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Creatures Adventure run G1 W1 P4

The Return!!

I've been having an odd itch to play more Creatures 1 lately, so here we are! As soon as I loaded up the game I caught a new grendel hatching in the treetops! After feeding Darius a bit, I quickly ushered him towards the lemons but once he was there I was having a hard time getting him to eat! After a while, I finally managed to get him to eat a single lemon, a good start for now.

After a while though I did manage to get him to eat some more carrots. Now that he's no longer hungry I moved over to see how my other norns are currently doing. Lucina appeared to be sleeping in the cable car while Bruno was constantly wallbonking near the computer. In fact, he didn't even seem to be getting pain from it. When I told him to come hand, it appeared to me that he was somehow stuck in the lift! As soon as I moved the lift down and he got out of his situation, he fell asleep.

Moving back to Darius, who had moved back into the temple, I caught the new grendel eating a deathcap! He immediately grunted and took the lift back up to the jetty, waited for the paddleboat to arrive and departed to the island, eager to get away from the Yggsdrasil as quickly as possible.

When I went back to Lucina, she was not hungry but her boredom meter was pretty much maxed out. There were no toys up near the beehives aside from a trumpet, which has a different object type than a usual toy.

As I tried to find her a toy, she moved down the lift to the theatre where I told her to play with the slideshow projector. I also got a snapshot (pictured left) of her looking (almost) directly at it! Satisfied, she moved down the lift to where the instruments are kept.

Jumping back to Bruno, he appears to have grown up! He also appears to be somewhat hungry. I check the owners kit and it reports that Bruno is 29 minutes old.

I think that'll be all for this post of Creatures Adventure run! I would like to take the time to announce that I am starting a new blog! Yes really! It is called Observing Albia, the rest of the Creatures World Domination series will be continued there! Go on and follow the blog so you don't miss out! As for the future of Doringo's Dominion, this place will become much more focused on Creatures Development, while Observing Albia will be centred around Creatures blogging.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Astro Norn Pack

Today is the 16th Anniversary of the Astro Norns. To commemorate this occasion I have created the Astro Norn Pack! It contains two unique ball toys with unusual physical properties, styled after the patterns of the Astro norns. As well as that, there is also the Astro Moon Vendor, which dispenses an edible moon of various phases, depending on the theoretical phase of the moon of Sphericus.
Click here to see the download page!

Also, if you want to give this a like or anything of that sort I also uploaded it to CreaturesCaves.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Zebra Top

A day late, but I might as well post this announcement now than never! Yesterday it was the 16th Anniversary of the Zebra Norns, and while I originally wanted to make a small agent pack for them, I couldn't fit in the development time. However I have managed to make an agent that I am very proud of for the occasion!

Download page here!
Also, if you want to give this a like or anything of that sort I also uploaded it to CreaturesCaves.