Sunday, 3 December 2017

Creatures World Domination Mini-update

Heya folks, just a little mini-update here regarding my Creatures World Domination play-through. I've been working on a little something lately (I alluded to it in a Discord server once) so expect this series to move a bit more slowly as I spend more time working than playing Creatures 1.

Thank you all for your patience.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Creatures World Domination G1 W1 P3

Been playing my world again lately. Let's see what has happened in it!
I've been having Lucina at the left side of the world again by the hives for her to recover from her pregnancy, which she eventually did. Next I had to wait for her estrogen cycle before moving her over to Darius.
I checked the Breeder's Kit and waited patiently, and we have a confirmed pregnancy! I quickly moved Lucina back over the raft and Darius up the lift to end the meeting. When Lucina arrived at the hives, I watched her pregnancy through the Breeder's Kit, hoping for an egg. And luckily for us, there was no false pregnancy!

I noticed Darius was getting hungry, so I had to go feed him while I wait for the egg to grow larger. After keeping Lucina away from the cable car for a while, the egg was finally at liftable size, so I moved it into the incubator. Let's hope it isn't a stillbirth this time!
Thankfully, the baby survived! He seems to have inherited none of the appearance genes from his mother, appearing as a pure Purple Mountain Norn in appearance. I've so far noticed no odd mutations and I've moved him up to the computer and fed him. Looks like we're finally off to a good start!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Creatures World Domination G1 W1 P2

I've been playing Creatures 1 again recently and both of my norns have reached breeding age. As per usual, I waited until Darius was fertile and at peak sex drive and then I waited until Lucina was on her downwards estrogen cycle and peak sex drive.

When I tried to pair them together, Lucina just fell asleep as soon as she came down the lift into the temple but Darius was still able to kisspop her. I waited for a while in the Breeder's Kit to check if she was pregnant, and indeed she was. Let's hope it's not a false one.
 I moved her up to Yggsdrasil in order to separate her from Darius for her pregnancy. Eventually she laid her egg.
After that, I moved her to the hives and waited for the egg to get a bit larger before I decided to move it into the incubator. I had originally planned to just let it hatch naturally but then I remembered that I have to teach the norn through the computer, so hatching it in the incubator would be more convenient. However when I hatched the egg, this happened.

Drat, a stillbirth. It's a shame too because I managed to get a female, which is ideally the norn you want to hatch first because it takes longer for them to become fertile. However this shows that the Natural Eggs objective is much easier to achieve than the Reach Generation objective as norns have to survive to pass on the next generation.

I think that should be enough for now so it is now time for me to get to work on today's CCSF post.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Creatures World Domination G1 W1 P1

So I've decided to play out the game-mode myself, as a kind of trial run. So as explained in the rich text document, we're starting out in the default Albia and I'm not too sure on what to have as my objective yet. I think 25 natural eggs might work, or generation 10. I'll have to see which comes first and check my breeders score when it happens.

Starting out, we have our first norn, Lucina. She's a nice norn with good initiative who has a tendency to follow my hand on sight. And also likes to shoot me out of the sky with a cannon.
Our second norn is Darius. He's very similar to Lucina, but he tends to get stuck in the incubator lift a lot. He also likes tea very much.
As usual, I've hidden all of the hooch and cheese away from where my norns can find them, so I can ration my cheese and keep the hooch safely stored away when we ain't partying. The grendel has made his way to the island, giving us plenty of room in the world.

I'm not sure what else to write for now, so I'll write up another post when more stuff has happened in the world.